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Reverse Cameras at Parsons Auto Electrics

Are you looking to upgrade and enhance your vehicle by adding a reverse camera, are you struggling to reverse park or reverse up to a trailer or caravan, we at Parsons Auto Electrics have a solution to meet all your requirements and needs.


We can install a reversing camera into the vehicle of your choice and have a range of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) style cameras for a fully factory fitted look. We also have a range of break light integrated cameras to suit cars, vans, MPV’s and commercial vehicles. For those vehicles where there isn’t an option for an OEM or break light camera system, we have a range of windscreen or mirror mounted monitors, wedge cameras and number plate mounted camera systems available.


Please call us at Parsons Auto Electrics where we will be happy to discuss in further detail and run through the options that are available for your vehicle.

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