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Parking Sensor fitting at Parsons Auto Electrics

  • Reduce apprehension of parking and manoeuvring

  • Detect solid objects and people to make reversing safer

  • Provide an accurate guide to distance from objects

  • Help prevent accidental impacts and scrapes 

  • Protect 'No Claims Bonus' by reducing insurance claims

  • Ultra-wide detecting angle protects against side impacts

  • Incorporating the latest technology for ultimate reliability

Systems to suit individual requirements

Our parking sensors use ultrasonic technology to assist the driver when manoeuvring a motor vehicle at low speed. You can choose from a wide range of systems to protect your car, including systems that protect both front and rear of the vehicle.


All systems monitor the area behind the vehicle during reversing procedures and give an acoustic warning when an obstacle is detected. 

Sensors to suit different vehicles

Each sensor systems variant is available with different types f 'eyes' to ensure effective operation in a wide range of vehicles including cars, MPV's, 4x4's, Pick-up's and vans. This ensures compatibility with both plastic and metal bumpers, with a choice of mounting angles.


You can also choose a system that includes 'intelligent' sensing, which avoids false readings from protruding items such as a tow-bar or rear-mounted spare wheel. 

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