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Air Con Service at Parsons Auto Electrics

We at Parsons Auto Electrics do not just simply re-gas your system like many other companies, we carry out a full air conditioning and climate control system service using the latest equipment on a fully mobile basis.


The benefits of our servicing compared to a simple re-gas includes the following:


  • Check your air conditioning system for visible leaks & damage

  • Vacuum pressure check to detect those smaller leaks • Replacement PAG oils

  • Replacement pollen filters

  • Antibacterial treatment

  • Replacement UV dye to help detect any future leaks

  • Replacement gas (Old) R134A & (New) 1234YF

  • Inspection of air conditioning & climate control functions

  • Electronic temperature checks


We would also recommend annual servicing of your system as the benefits include faster defrosting in the winter months, less bacteria build up within your air conditioning / climate control system and ensures correct operation all year round as we believe preventative maintenance is better than a potential costly repair bill.

Searching for "aircon repair near me"?

Look no further and get in touch today.

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