Dash Cam Fitting at Parsons Auto Electrics

Parsons Auto Electrics are your local professional mobile dash cam supplier & installer of all market leading dash cams that suit all individual needs and budgets.


All of our installations are seamlessly integrated into your vehicle for a factory fitted look that gives you a far more reliable end product.


Parsons Auto Electrics come direct to you at a time and place that is convenient to you anywhere on the UK mainland. No more wires and clutter on display.

Why get a dash cam fitted?

A dash cam is an additional eye on the road that records important incidents, such as collisions or unexpected bumps to your vehicle, which can then be shared with the police or insurers to prove exactly what happened.

  • Always on - as long as your engine is running, your dash cam is recording your journey. Engine switched off, our professional range of dash cams will continue to record incidents that may occur whilst parked.

  • Neater - all of our dash cam installations are hard wired into the vehicle fuse box and all cabling discreetly hidden so avoiding unsightly cables hanging loose across the windscreen in the drivers view and in footwells avoiding accidental disconnection and avoiding a loss of recording capabilities should the cable be pulled out by accident

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